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Discover eCoin for
Urinary Incontinence Relief

What is eCoin?

eCoin® is a tibial implant for Urge Urinary Incontinence (UUI).


The coin sized neurostimulator is placed under the skin near the ankle during a consistent, minimally invasive procedure using only local anesthetic.

The eCoin® device provides automatic stimulation on the tibial nerve via a forgiving dome shaped field.


eCoin eliminates lead wires optimized by precise placement, patient management of the device with external remotes, recharge requirements, general anesthesia or sedation with placement.


How does the eCoin® device provide Urinary Urge Incontinence therapy?

In this short video clip, learn how the eCoin tibial neurostimulator works as well as the technology behind it and the benefits it provides.

As described in the video clip, your highly qualified UAWC provider will preform a small procedure placing a coin-sized device using only local anesthetic near the ankle.  After the miniscule incision has healed, the device is activated and the eCoin provides automatic twice weekly stimulation to the tibial nerve in the lower leg.  This restorative therapy helps many patients reduce their Urge Urinary Incontinence.

What's the typical timeframe for experiencing a therapeutic response after the procedure?

Many experience relief 4 weeks after activation with even greater reduction in Urge Urinary Incontinence 8 weeks after activation.*


What can be expected during the recovery time?

The incision is kept dry for 2 weeks using a leg shower bag.  Appropriate footwear during the first 4 weeks should be flat.  Vigorous activity such as biking, running or swimming should be avoided for 8 weeks.  Your provider will monitor the incision and only activate the eCoin when the incision is well healed.

Will I have to manage my eCoin device?

No patient management is required to deliver therapy.

eCoin image pt 2.png
eCoin image.png

Is there any research-backed data on the eCoin device's performance?

Data from clinical studies has been published in peer-reviewed medical publications demonstrating both the safety and effectiveness for the eCoin device.  To learn more about the clinical data available, visit

The eCoin device is delivered with a minimally invasive procedure that reduces Urge Urinary Incontinence after activation.

  • 97% of patients said the procedure was explained adequately to them3

  • 89% of patients would recommend eCoin to friends and family3

  • 81% of eCoin patients reported being “better” to “very much better” with therapy 1 year after the procedure5

  • 75% of eCoin patients were “responders” with at least a 50% reduction in Urge Urinary Incontinence episodes at 1 year+5

  • The preferred therapy for Urge Urinary Incontinence with only 4% of patients studied desiring another treatment option.

+In the pivotal study, 68% of patients were responders with at least a 50% reduction in UUI at 48 weeks in the intent to treat population.  75% of patients were responders in the per protocol population.

*In the pivotal study, 73 out of 123 patients had at least 50% reduction of UUI at 4 weeks and 85 out of 121 had at least 50% reduction at 8 weeks.  NCT03556891.


3. Rogers A, Bragg S, Ferrante K, et al.  Pivotal study of leadless tibial nerve stimulation with eCoin® for urgency urinary incontinence.  Urology Video Journal.  June 2021.

5. eCoin physician manual.

Explore the informative brochures about the eCoin tibial neurostimulator and its benefits for Urinary Incontinence:

The 'Patient Interest Tri-Fold Brochure' is perfect for those curious about this innovative treatment option, offering valuable insights into its advantages. Click below to download this document:

For those scheduled to undergo the eCoin procedure, the 'Procedure Preparation Bi-Fold Brochure' provides comprehensive details on preparation and aftercare, ensuring a smooth and informed patient experience. Click below to download this document:

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