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Michael Atwell, MD

Dr. Atwell is from a small town in rural Illinois called Geneseo. He attended a liberal arts college in Holland, Michigan called Hope College. Not only did he major in chemistry, but he took courses in philosophy, sociology, religion, and the arts. This experience has given Dr. Atwell the perspective to look at patients in a holistic way; to try to address their urologic issues within the scope of each individual person. He is committed to providing his patients with therapeutic options that will positively affect their quality of life both personally and relationally.

Dr. Atwell’s specialties range from urologic oncology, male and female voiding dysfunction, urinary stone disease, and pediatric urology. He enjoys working with a diverse range of patients and appreciates that urology allows him to provide his patients immediate assistance for acute conditions such as urinary stones and genitourinary cancers, while also building long-term relationships when treating chronic diseases like voiding dysfunction, recurrent urinary tract infections, and erectile dysfunction.

In his free time, he enjoys big game hunting, ice-fishing, hiking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, cycling, and backpacking. Alongside his wife and two dogs, Dr. Atwell is eager to explore all the outdoor activity and adventure that Western Colorado and Eastern Utah have to offer.

Dr. Atwell sees being a physician and surgeon as a privilege and aims to offer his patients the latest technologies and information for personalized decision-making. He is dedicated to guiding and supporting patients throughout their treatment journey.

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